Vendor Finance

Quality solutions for you and your customers

What vendor finance can do for your business

By spreading the cost of a purchase for your customers, vendor finance helps to increase conversions.

Shire Business Group provides a portfolio of market-leading, innovative vendor finance products to ensure you can offer the best finance solutions to your customers and get more deals over the line.

Alongside a range of affordable finance options, we have designed vendor finance solutions – driven by leading-edge technology – to make the sales process as fast and frictionless as possible.

Credit decisions can be made in as little as six seconds, with invoices paid in full on completion.


With our own book portfolio, in-house underwriting and panel of funders, we have the flexibility to approve more deals for more customers, and support businesses of all sizes with our wide range of solutions. Here are some of the benefits that can bring:

Same day payout
Simple documentation
Retain customer relationships
Ability to upsell
Overcome budget objections
High acceptance rates


Vendor finance is such a powerful offering because it brings mutual benefits for both you and your customers, who are able to get the assets they need without having to part with the capital. Here are some of the benefits that you'll be passing on to your customer:

Fixed payments
Latest technology
No major up front costs
Protect existing credit lines
Tax benefits
Improve cash flow

Finance solutions available with Shire Business Group

Our services and leading-edge technology are designed to make it as quick and easy as possible to complete a sale.

Vendor Finance - Shire Online
Shire Online

Your bespoke online proposal management system.

Vendor Finance - Quick Quote
Quick Quote

Instant access to online quotes, for you and your customers.

Vendor Finance - E-signatory

Customers can sign agreements online.

Vendor Finance - Click2Finance

A fully integrated payment solution for your existing website.

Vendor Finance - Auto Decisions
Auto Decisions

Get a response in as little as 6 seconds.

Vendor Finance - In House Support
In House Support

Supporting you every step of the way.

Looking at FINANCE differently

From security equipment to manufacturing plants and everything in between, Shire Business Group has the ability to fund almost all business-related equipment and assets, across all market sectors.

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