Asset Refinancing

A fast and simple way to realise the value of assets

Is refinancing right for you?

If you own equipment, machinery or vehicles, business equipment refinancing can be an ideal way to raise more working capital for your business. Through asset refinancing, you can sell your equipment and hire it back over an agreed period.

An asset refinance package can be a fast solution for unlocking valuable cash to help your business grow, without any interruption to company operations. In fact, the released value can be used to improve how your business operates.

Even if you are tied into an asset finance agreement with your equipment, Shire Business Group can look at extending the term and spreading the cost further.

Asset Refinancing
1. Decide on asset/s to be refinanced
Business Equipment Refinancing
2. Continue to use asset/s without interruption
Asset Refinancing
3. Get cash into your business or use the money to purchase other assets

How does it work?

How we can help

Deciding when to refinance is crucial. Before making any commitments, businesses and their directors should have a clear idea of their future plans and objectives and, most importantly, a solid financial plan.

With this information established, lenders will be in a much better position to approve the most appropriate type of finance with the most favourable terms.

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Asset refinancing can assist with restructuring your entire company or simply as a means of freeing up some short-term working capital.

Cash injection
No interruption to business
Maximise business efficiency
Reduced monthly payments
Fully tax deductible
Expand the business

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