Equipment Leasing

Protect cash flow as your business grows

Is leasing right for you?

Businesses large and small often opt for asset leasing as opposed to outright purchases, preferring to keep money in the bank or invest it in other areas. All the while, they can take advantage of the best equipment and propel their business forward.

With fixed rental costs, equipment leasing enables you to prepare and plan for the future, allowing your company to stay competitive and efficient with the latest equipment. At the end of the agreement, you can simply hand the equipment back or upgrade your systems by signing a new lease.

Due to the flexibility of a financial business leasing agreement, it is a particularly effective asset finance solution for SMEs. Shire Business Group can offer tailored finance and leasing solutions to suit your business’ unique requirements.

Business Leasing from Shire Group
1. Find the asset you need from a supplier of your choice
Equipment Leasing from Shire Group
2. We purchase it
We rent it back-agreed monthlu
3. We rent it back to you in exchange for the agreed monthly (or quarterly) payments

How does it work?

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Shire Business Group has the appetite to fund almost anything business-related, whether it be hard assets such as plant machinery, or finance for soft assets such as IT software. Simply get in touch and speak to a member of our team, who will confirm how to proceed.

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Leasing makes a strong argument for never buying equipment outright again, with a number of benefits that all relate to keeping more money in the bank.

Periodic payments to match your needs
Fix rental costs
Can be 100% tax deductible
Fixed interest rates
Upgrade at any time
Protect lines of credit

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