Selective Invoice Finance

Pick and choose which invoices you want to realise

Is selective invoice finance right for your business?

Selective invoice finance - sometimes known as single invoice finance or spot factoring - is preferred by businesses that don’t have a major issue with late-paying customers, but would like to realise the capital from those who pay on slower terms.

Instead of committing all of your customers to the invoice finance facility, selective invoice finance allows you to cherry-pick the large customers who are crucial to your cash flow.

Shire Business Group provides you with the flexibility to pick and choose the invoices you want to realise, offering your business an immediate cash injection.

Selective Invoice Finance - Invoice-sent
1. Selected invoice(s) sent and verified
Selective Invoice Finance - Agreed funds advanced
2. Agreed funds advanced
Selective Invoice Finance - Factoring company chases
3. Finance company chases outstanding invoice(s)
Selective Invoice Finance - Remaining balance paid to you
4. Remaining balance paid to you (minus fees)

How does it work?

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Businesses who have minimal debts - with most of their customers paying on time - might opt for selective invoice finance as opposed to invoice factoring or invoice discounting to advance some cash and alleviate cash flow. It is easy to add new customers to the single invoice finance facility, meaning if you bring on a new customer and get a limit approved, you can borrow against them quickly.

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Selective invoice finance or spot factoring can be used for both immediate cash injections, as well as a steady stream of cash going forward.

Stabilise cash flow
Ongoing flexibility
Favourable rates
Up to 90% of invoice value released
Reduce debtor days
Benefit from economies of scale

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