Corporate Risk Insurance

Protection against the loss of your key people

Does your business need corporate risk insurance?

If your business relies heavily on one or more key individuals – and would struggle to survive without them – you should think strongly about taking out corporate risk insurance.

When a key person in a business dies or suffers a serious illness, it can have a devastating financial effect both in terms of lost revenue and staff replacement costs.

Shire Business Group can arrange a business risk insurance policy to ensure your business lives on in the event of a tragic unforeseen event.

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If you were to lose a key member of staff through illness, injury or death, the impact for your business could be huge and very disruptive. Shire can guide you through the different levels of cover available to find a business risk insurance policy which suits your business.

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Alongside other business insurance solutions, we can ensure you have the means to replace key individuals, eliminate corporate debt and provide the means to purchase the shares of the business should the worst happen.

Business continuity
Retain control
Repay outstanding debt
Peace of mind
Income protection

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