Secured Business Loans

Greater security for the lender, greater funding for the borrower

Is a secured business loan right for your business?

Start-ups or small businesses can benefit from secured loans, with both commercial or residential property able to be used as collateral.

With the funding secured against an asset, interest rates are typically lower than an unsecured business loan – plus lenders are often more lenient with this type of business loan when assessing credit rating and debt-to-income ratio.

Shire Business Group can source you a secured business loan to generate some capital, allowing you to improve cash flow, expand your business or purchase stock.

Secured Business Loans UK from Shire Group
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Secured Business Loans UK from Shire Group
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Secured Business Loans UK from Shire Group
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With larger loan amounts available, businesses might opt for a secured business loan in order to increase the size of their operation or to purchase another company. As the secured loan can be paid back over a longer period and interest rates are low, time is on your side.

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The accessibility of a secured business loan – particularly for start-ups and SMEs – mean they provide many businesses with the funding they need to move forward.

Larger loan amounts
Longer repayment terms
Lower interest rates
Bad credit ratings can be accepted
Can use personal assets

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