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Is property finance right for your business?

Property development finance is always tailored to the requirements of the borrower and the specifics of the project. This flexibility makes it a popular business loan option – and necessary – for developers who can’t always put a timeline on a project.

With funds released in stages rather than in one lump sum, this means you are less tied to deadlines. The flexible nature of the property finance agreement means that you can request more money in line with your project’s evolution, keeping interest rate repayments low.

The total sum of money lent can be up to 100% of the total cost of construction, with no specific upper-limits as to how much can be borrowed.

Property Development Finance from Shire Business Group
1. Shire takes the time to understand the scope of your project
Property Development Finance from Shire
2. Finance will be arranged for the start of the project or mid-way through it
Property Development Finance
3. Funds are released in stages rather than in one lump sum

How does it work?

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Property finance is often used by builders and developers planning extensive projects and ground-up developments. For example, if approved, development finance could be used to cover both land purchase and building costs. As such, it can prove pivotal in the completion of a commercial development project, leaving developers to fund a much smaller amount up-front.

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Property development finance can either be arranged outright at the beginning of the project or halfway through a building development and is typically paid out in increments at varying points towards completion.

Large loan amounts
Flexible agreements
Incremental pay-outs
Cover whole cost of construction
Interest only charged on funds released
Potentially quick repayment

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