Business Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is a great asset finance solution if you want to have ownership of the asset at the end of your agreement.

Is Hire Purchase right for you?

Hire purchase is a popular business finance solution for those who require cars or equipment, but do not wish to use capital funds to buy them.

Business Hire Purchase from Shire Group
1. Pay an initial upfront deposit
Equipment Hire Purchase from Shire Group
2. Make agreed monthly payments
Business Hire Purchase & Equipment Hire Purchase from Shire Group
3. At the end of the agreement you become the legal owner once all payments, including the option to purchase fee, has been paid.
lump sum payment
4. If your circumstances change, you can make a lump sum payment to end the agreement early and become the legal owner of the goods, provided all rentals and option to purchase fees have been paid.

How does it work?

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The use of equipment hire purchase is particularly common in industries where expensive machinery is required, such as construction, manufacturing, plant hire, printing, road freight, transport, engineering and professional services.

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There are many benefits to using business hire purchase as an asset finance solution. Some of these benefits include the following.


The asset can be yours at the end of the agreement

Fixed Interest

With both the interest rate and payment amounts fixed and agreed from the outset, you are able to budget more effectively

Tax Advantages

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