Bad Debt Protection

Financial protection against customer collapse

Is bad debt protection right for your business?

If you have concerns about payment from certain customers, or you bring in new customers, bad debt protection can cover up to 90% of any outstanding invoices.

This means you can focus on growing the business without worrying about customer failure. You pick and choose which customers are covered, so you don’t have to pay to protect reliable businesses.

With Shire Business Group acting as your buffer, you’ll have the confidence to expand and bring on new customers and contracts.

customers you want to protect against
1. Inform Shire which customers you want to protect against
cover in place
2. Shire will put cover in place for up to 90% of any bad debts
customers going out of business
3. You will be paid out in case of protected customers going out of business

How does it work?

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Late payment is one of the largest threats to SME survival, with 60% of small business failing within their first five years of trading. Bad debt protection provides you with peace of mind by safeguarding the business against non-payment of invoices.

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The cost of bad debt protection is included within the invoice finance agreement, usually making it cheaper than a standalone credit insurance facility.

Up to 90% protection against bad debts
Saves time in case of customer insolvency
Credit limit checks on new or existing customers
Confidence to grow
Pick and choose customers
Business continuity

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